Chicago's Premium Bean to Bar Chocolate Maker


Based in Chicago, 8-Bit Chocolates is a bean to bar chocolate company pushing the boundaries of chocolate making while honoring the craft of hand made chocolate.

Chocolate making Process

Sourcing: We source our Chocolates from around the world to make the best chocolate bar 

Sorting:*When cacao beans arrive we hand sort to remove any impurities

Roasting: We gently roast our beans to develop aromas and depth of flavor

Winnow: The process of removing the shell to expose the cacao "nib"

Grind: The nibs are now pulverized in a granite stone grinder and organic cane sugar is added. 

Refine: In this stage the cacao is developing flavors velvet-like texture

Mold & Package: We hand mold and wrap our bars in our custom packaging

Enjoy: Pair our rich chocolate with a Bourbon barrel aged stout or your favorite cheese selection.